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Meet Us

Kennel FASSTARI was officially founded in 2013 by Sylwia Janicka Castaneda under the Polish Kennel Club (member of FCI - Federation Cynologique International). In 2020 we moved our kennels to the United States of America and we became members of the American KennelClub (AKC) and Border Collie Society of America (BSCA).
We specialize in border collie breeding.
Our puppies currently live in Poland, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Romania, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.


My Story

Hi, My name is Sylwia and I am behind Fasstari Border Collies.

My story starts many many years ago when I was born. Growing up my family always had German Shepherds (both pedigree and rescues). Our home was never without a dog. My grandmother who was veterinarian teach me how to take care of animals. I spend hours in her veterinary clinic helping with four-legged patients. I still don't know why I didn't attend to Veterinary School... but let's go back to border collies!
In 2012 my first border collie came into to my life and turned it upside
down! I fell in love. Today I cannot imagine my life without them. 


I started showing my dogs in 2012, first in Poland then across Europe (Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina). In 2013 I became a member of the British Shepherd Dog Section in branch in Warsaw (PL) and ​in 2017 was elected a second chair.

My Education and Training (partial list)
- 2012 - 2013 Warsaw University of Life Sciences:
Under the Faculty of Animal Sciences. Focus: Dogs in Society - Breeding and Behavior.
- 2013 Dog Therapy training (Foundation CZE-NE-KA, ow. Maria Czerwińska) For the next five years I taught classes for kids.
- Breeding and Whelping Dogs (instructor: Sue Anne Wilson)
- Early Behavior, Socialization and Puppy Temperament Evaluation
(instructor: Barbara Handelman ME.D.)
- Puppy Imprinting and Bonding (instructor: Kathy Cascade)

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