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My Story

Hi, My name is Sylwia and I am behind Fasstari Border Collies.

My story starts many many years ago when I was born. Growing up my family always had German Shepherds (both pedigree and rescues). Our home was never without a dog. My grandmother who was veterinarian teach me how to take care of animals. I spend hours in her veterinary clinic helping with four-legged patients. I still don't know why I didn't attend to Veterinary School... but let's go back to border collies!
In 2012 my first border collie came into to my life and turned it upside
down! I fell in love. Today I cannot imagine my life without them. 


I started showing my dogs in 2012, first in Poland then across Europe (Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina). In 2013 I became a member of the British Shepherd Dog Section in branch in Warsaw (PL) and ​in 2017 was elected a second chair.

My Education and Training (partial list)
- 2012 - 2013 Warsaw University of Life Sciences:
Under the Faculty of Animal Sciences. Focus: Dogs in Society - Breeding and Behavior.
- 2013 Dog Therapy training (Foundation CZE-NE-KA, ow. Maria Czerwińska) For the next five years I taught classes for kids.
- Breeding and Whelping Dogs (instructor: Sue Anne Wilson)
- Early Behavior, Socialization and Puppy Temperament Evaluation
(instructor: Barbara Handelman ME.D.)
- Puppy Imprinting and Bonding (instructor: Kathy Cascade)

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